AppEazy Connect (Build 3951)

AppEazy Connect (Build 3951) 4.2

A user of the AppEazy System connects using a client known as AppEazy Connect
4.2 (See all)
Applianz Technologies, Inc.

A user of the AppEazy System connects using a thin client known as AppEazy Connect. It securely connects the user to an already running application session, and displays the workstation software for your application. The Applianz Client is a thin-client which remotely displays the application session. When processor-intense operations are performed in the software, they use the processor of the AppEazy System, instead of the user’s PC. Only when the software on the application session changes the display is that visual change transferred to the Applianz Client software. Since only a small amount of visual display information is transferred from the Applianz System to the Applianz Client it is possible to use the Applianz Client from any location outside your network. The only requirement is that you configure your firewall or router to allow the Applianz Client to make the connection to your Applianz System.

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